Monday, March 17, 2008

50th Class Reunion -- October 23 and 24, 2009

The response to the survey form was underwhelming.  None-the-less, the opinions of those that did respond favor the weekend of October 23 and 24, 2009.  So, put this on your calendar now.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Butch and Susie Moody Move Into New Home

Butch and Susie Moody have moved into their new home.
Their address is:
2855 Blackwater Oaks Drive
Mulberry, FL 33860

P. O. Box 1139
Mulberry, FL 33860-1139

863-425-9639 (Office/Shop Phone)
863-425-9642 (Home Phone)
863-425-9645 (Fax)

Here are a few photos of their new home. Congratulations Butch and Susie.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tennis Match of The Century Will Not Happen

Larry Hale has thrown down the tennis gauntlet, and Rodney James has answered.  However, there is trouble in paradise.  Larry reports that Dave Beerman will not leave retirement to play this match.  Many of us were looking forward to attending this showdown – TOO BAD

Monday, March 10, 2008

Pre-Spring Social at Mary Futch's Lakeside Home

The LHS Class of 1959 held its pre-Spring soiree on the evening of March 8, 2008. The setting was the beautiful lakeside home of Mary Futch. Many thanks, Mary. In the photographs below, I have attempted to show everyone that attended. However, I forgot to have anyone take my(Allan Davis's) photo.

The center photo above shows beautiful Lake Lester, a private lake upon which Mary Futch lives. Those of you who have never been to Mary's home have missed a really beautiful experience.

The photo at the upper left features, from the left, Bobby Davidson, Barry Sears, and Ferrin Hicks. In the background, you can see Annette Davis (green sweater) and way off to the far right is Charlie Page.

The photo in the upper right features, in the foreground, Barry Sears and his friend, Stacy Bean. In the background are Roger Sherman and Charlie Page.

The photo in the lower left shows Charlie Page lecturing, or so it appears, to Roger Sherman.

The photo in the lower right shows Charlotte Goodman Key and her husband, O. B. Key.


The center photo is another view of beautiful Lake Lester from Mary's backyard.

The photo on the upper left features Annette Davis.

The photo on the upper right features Charlie and Nancy Page in the foreground. In the background are Barry Sears's friend, Stacy Bean, and Ferrin Hicks.

The photo in the lower left is of Jack Walker. Jack and his wife, Liz, were in town with their recreational vehicle, and Jack decided to come to the party.

Ferrin Hicks and his friend, Lilly, grace the photo in the lower right.

The photo in the upper left proves the presence of James Edwards.

The photo in the upper right shows, in the foreground, Jimmy Musso and Barry Sears chatting. In the mid-ground, Annette Davis (green sweater) is chatting with Paul Tindle, and Alice Musso is serving up some chow. In the background, Bobby Anderson is telling Charlie Page a tale.

The photo on the lower left shows, in the foreground, Paul Tindle and Beverly Mills Tindle. Ferrin Hicks's friend, Lilly, is also prominent in this photo. In the background, Charlotte Goodman Key is talking with Annette Davis.

The photo on the lower right Carl Hawkins chatting with Annette Davis.

The photo in the center is of Alice Musso.

The upper left photo, from left to right, features Carol Hawkins, Carl Hawkins, Annette Davis, and Betty Toy.

The photo in the upper right, on the near side of the table, features Shirley Scarbough DeFoor (in red). On the far side of the table, from left to right, are Margery and Harrison Payne, Jan Lyons, Bobby Davidson (standing), and Roger Sherman.

The photo on the lower left, from left to right, features Beverly Mills Tindle, Carl Hawkins, Nancy Page, and Lilly (Ferrin's friend).

The final photo, on the lower right, shows, the backs of Shirley Scarborough DeFoor, Beverly Mills Tindle, and Paul Tindle. On the far side of the table, from left to right, are Margery and Harrison Payne, Jan Lyons, Bobby Davidson (standing), and Roger Sherman.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rodney James Answers Larry Hale's Tennis Challenge

[Quote from Rodney James]

"I talked to Lax Taylor yesterday, March 1st concerning the proposal put forth by Larry Hale involving a tennis match between the old geezers from the 59 era. Lex remembered the singles match played for the county championship between himself and our own  Larry Hale back in 1959. Lex was a graduate of Bartow High School and though he admits Larry got the win in that event, he said that Larry was lucky. He would like to face him again. Lex went on to the University of Florida and is now a practicing attorney here in Lakeland. He is a friend of our own Jimmy Musso. I first met Lex during one of my visits to Fat Jacks to enjoy their cheap two egg special for breakfast. Lex, Jimmy and I have that in common we love cheap value breakfast deals and Fat Jacks fills the bill. l think it would be fun to play a tennis match against Larry and Dave Beerman.  Hope it works out."