Friday, April 27, 2012

Charlyne Steele Updates Jerry's Condition

Hi our dear friends,

WE ARE HOME!!!!! Three days in the CDU was about three days too long for both of us! We will go back Monday for a CT of Jerry's heart. Then, Thursday, we have an appointment with the surgeon in Atlanta for a consultation and we'll schedule surgery, at that time. This surgeon did my brother's triple by-pass a couple years ago and is very good. Surgery will be performed at Emory-Crawford Long Hospital, downtown Atlanta.

The heart cath confirmed the findings of the echocardiogram; the aortic valve is not working and there is an aneurysm there. Our cardiologist said the surgery didn't have to be performed today or tomorrow but it must be done soon. Jerry is quite perturbed that he has been so cautious to exercise, eat properly and take good care of his body - and now this! The doctors keep reminding him, had he not done that, "things" could be much worse!

We appreciate all the calls, emails, texts and, most especially, prayers! We have always known we have wonderful friends and you are proving it, once again! Please, continue to keep Jerry in your prayers and I will update, when surgery is scheduled.

With love,


Mary Sargent's Surgery Successful

Dick Sargent reports that Mary's surgery was successful. Her thyroid did have to be completely removed due to a 6 millimeter cancerous spot. The surgeon feels that she is cured.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finally, Some Good News From Judy Weeks Solger

In Judy's own words:
"I think our class blog is in need of some upbeat news and maybe I can start it off.
Judith Weeks Solger, married to the same wonderful man, David, for almost 52 years. No serious health problems. Small but wonderful family. Dave and I are retired, son Brian is a long time teacher at Marianna High School, daughter-in-law Sandy has her own interior scape business working in Holmes, Jackson and Washington counties and two very talented grand kids. Grandson Ethan will graduate from the U of F, College of Health and Human Performance, on May 5. He has accepted a two year graduate assistanship at the University of Nebraska and will work with the Nebraska football team as an Athletic Trainer. Granddaughter Erin is finishing her freshman year at Chipola College on a softball scholarship. Chipola is competing this weekend in Pensacola for state JUCO title. She plans on pursuing a career in prosthesis development.
I just want to wish everyone well and hope some of you have been as fortunate as I have." Judy

Dick Sargent Reports His Wife Having Surgery

Dick reports that Mary, as of today, April 26, 2012, is in surgery for removal of thyroid gland and a salivary gland.  Dick asks for your prayers and good thoughts.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Howard Hart, husband of Barbara Robbins Hart reports that Barbara is Florida Hospital at Connerton, 9441 Health Center Drive, Land O' Lakes, Florida 34647, which is a long term acute care (LTAC) hospital about 54 miles from the Hart's home in Lakeland.  She is suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease {COPD}, and the doctors are unable to get her off of the respirator.  Complicating the COPD is that fact that Barbara was diagnosed with esophagus cancer in September, her third bout with cancer.  She has had no solid food since October, 2011.  The doctors have informed Howard that he will have to make a hard decision in the next few days.

Howard's email is

Jerry Steele Has Congenital Defect in Aortic Valve

Charlyne Steele reports that two very recent trips to the emergency room for dizziness and a heavy feeling in the chest have revealed that Jerry has a congenital defect in his aortic valve.  Rather than having a tricuspid, he has more on the order of a bicuspid.  The doctors in Jasper, Georgia are saying that he needs a valve replacement surgery.  The urgency of the situation is graded on a 1 to 4 scale, with 4 being the most urgent.  The doctors are currently rating Jerry's condition as a 3.5.  After a heart catheterization in Jasper on April 26, 2012, Jerry and Charlyne will travel to Atlanta for an expert second opinion.  Charlyne asks your prayers for Jerry.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Royce Stephens to Have Foot Amputated

Mary Lou Deeds Helm has reported that Royce Stephens will have a foot amputated tomorrow, April 24, 2012.  She does not know if diabetes is involved.  Please have Royce in your thoughts and prayers.

Jack Walker's Wife, Liz, Passes Away

John Goddard has reported that Jack Walker's wife Liz passed away Sunday afternoon, April 22, 2012.  Jack reports that Sepsis was the cause.  The Walker family will have a private service later this week.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

An Update From Arlene Sheridan Jones

About lost David this past month but he is kicking again! Dave had some more bouts of check pain so was put in the St. Francis Hospital, in Greenville, SC on Mar. 22 for a heart Cath. They had to do a splint to open up the RCA which was 95% blocked. I may have told you that? After coming home he seemed to go downhill till we were trying to wait on an appointment he had when I had to end up calling EMS. He can be a bit stubborn as can be said of so many men, about these health issues. We live 35 miles from the GV hosp so like to use EMS so he can be stabilized on the way in or even in the driveway! This is why we are anxious to sell this piece of heaven we have enjoyed for so long, to return to the practical old familiar, comfy home grounds. We have not had an offer so we reduced the price twice now. We are covering up the in ground pool because it is way too much trouble with the leaves, and was not feasible to cover a pool up here as I had planned. We will have a wonderful new garden area.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ferrin Hicks Hospitalized Again

Ferrin Hicks has once again been hosptalized.  He was awakened this morning, April 20, 2012, with severe chest pains and labored breathing.  He is in room B357 in Lakeland Regional Medical Center.  Over the next several day, he will undergo various cardiac testing.

Ruby Lewis, Ronnie and Carolyn Lewis's Granddaughter Speedy Again

Ruby Lewis, a 15-year-old George Jenkins high school freshman and the granddaughter of Ronnie and Carolyn Lewis, has again proven herself speedy, this time in the district track meet.  In the 1,600 meter, approximately equal to one mile, her time was 5:46.8 and was good enough for 4th place.  In the 3,200 meter, approximately two miles, her time was 12:24.2 and was good enough for 2nd place.  Ruby has qualified to compete in the upcoming regional track meet.  Ruby is 59 seconds off of the state record in the 1,600 meter race and about two minutes off of the state record in the 3,200 meter race.  Remember, she is only a freshman.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mary Davis, Wife of Edgar (Sonny) Davis Passes Away

Edgar (Sonny) Davis's wife, Mary, died on Sunday. Mary had battled cancer off and on for several years. There will be a Memorial Service on Friday. Please, remember Sonny, as he goes through this difficult time."

A guest book for Mary can be visited at Guest Book for Mary Davis.

Sonny's contact information is:

    16248 Edgemont Drive
    Ft. Myers, FL 30005-6954

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ronnie & Carolyn Lewis Have Speedy Granddaughter

Ruby Lewis, a 15-year-old George Jenkins high school freshman and the granddaughter of Ronnie and Carolyn Lewis, fared very well in the recent Polk County track meet.  In the 800 meter race, Ruby was 4th with a time of 2:37.74.  In the 1600 meter race, approximately equal to one mile, Ruby was 2nd with a time of 5:44.13.  In the 4x800 relay race, Ruby ran the last leg, and her team was 1st with a time of 10:48.71.  Here is a link to the article in The Ledger - Polk County Track Championships