Thursday, July 24, 2008

Annette Davis's Daughter, Theresa, Involved In Project To Provide Lawn Care To Deployed Troops

Many people are interested in programs that support our military, especially deployed troops. Annette Davis's daughter, Theresa Downing-Shirley, whose husband is deployed to Tikrit, Iraq, is active in promoting GreenCare For The Troops. 

A local company, American Lawn Landscape, is currently taking care of Theresa's lawn for her. This company is featured in the news clip video above. If you are in position to support this company with your business, that would help them support the deployed troops. I have posted a link below to American Lawn Landscape Company's website below.

American Lawn and Landscaping

American Lawn & Landscape Company can be reached at (863) 682-4746

Cub Cadet Commercial, a manufacturer of commercial lawn care equipment, underwrites the GreenCare For The Troops program.  GreenCare For The Troops is a part of Project Evergreen, a national non-profit organization representing green industry service (end-user) providers, associations, suppliers/distributors, media companies and other organizations.

Joy Westenberg is the manger and contact for GreenCare For The Troops.
Welcome to GreenCare for Troops Website

Welcome to Cub Cadet Commercial Website.

Please acquaint your lawn care professional with this program. Maybe, he or she will want to become a volunteer. Individuals may also volunteer. You may contact Joy Westenberg and/or Theresa Downing-Shirley for more information.
Email Joy Westenberg
Email Theresa Downing-Shirley

Harrison Payne Improving

This is a short update from Marge Payne with whom I today spoke. Harrison is still in Wedgwood Nursing Home. However, he is doing better and may be able to return home Monday, July 28. Marge does not know whether he will be on oxygen at home. Today, she took the family dog to visit Harrison. Dogs are many times good therapy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wayne Beaman's Pancreatic Cancer in Remission


Concerning his pancreatic cancer, Wayne says,

"Met with the Dr. on Tuesday, says my cancer seems to be in remission at this time, no more Chemo, but will make monthly visits to the Dr., and 3 months another scan to see what is happening. He says it will never go away that we can only fight it back. Sure was good news."

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Update on Harrison Payne from Marge Payne

Just an update on Harrison's progress. I am very pleased to say that Harrison walked a ways down the hall yesterday and did not have any bad breathing spells afterward. The two therapists that are working with him are just wonderful and understand the heart and lung problems. Praise the Lord for our progress. He still has the oxygen on most of the time and and is now taking breathing treatments. With this progress I see him coming home in a while. Thanks again for all the prayers that have come our way. LOL


Monday, July 7, 2008

Harrison Payne Rehabilitating At Wedgewood Nurnsing Home


Classmates sent their best wishes to Harrison and Marge.

The following is a note from Harrison's wife, Marge.

Sent: Fri, 4 Jul 2008 6:47 am

Just a note to let everyone know that they moved Harrison to Wedgewood Nursing home yesterday. They did not find a blood clot in his lungs (which is good news) - there are some kidney problems and he is still having trouble breathing when he gets up and moves a little. I do not see much difference now than before he was admitted to the hospital. His back pain is very bad because he is not able to move around much (there is not much they can do about this as he has had it for a long time.) I pray that he will soon be back home here with me and Molly. Thanks for all the prayers that have been send his way.