Monday, December 14, 2009

Class Christmas Party - December 12, 2009

The class got together on Saturday evening, December 12, 2009, for a Christmas party at the home of Mary Futch.  Mary, living on the shore of  Lake Lester, a beautiful private lake, has a ideal setting for a party.  We did not get an exact head count; however, Mary estimates about 60 persons attended.  Ray and Donna Olinger were the only attendees that had a camera, so we are hoping they will share some photos.  The next party will be on Saturday, April 17, 2009.  Mark your calendars now.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

George Womble's Brother, Bobby Ray, Passes Away

Bobby Ray Womble, age 74, brother to classmate George Womble has passed away from complications of diabetes.  The LHS Class of 1959 sends its condolences, prayers and thoughts to George and his family.

Link to The Ledger Obituary

Monday, December 7, 2009

Bobby Bowden Shares His 50th Reunion Photos

Bobby Bowden has shared reunion photos from his personal camera.  Here they are in slideshow format. Click on any photo and you will be taken to the photo gallery.

Friday, December 4, 2009

David Bayhan Now Home

David Bayhan has been released from the Lakeland Regional Medical Center, after having surgery to treat a streptococcus infection in an ankle. He is resting at home with an antibiotic IV and a strong pain killer. He will have a nurse come once a day to change the bandage on his ankle. I am sure that all classmates wish Dave a speedy recovery.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

David Bayhan Hospitalized

Sue Moody, cousin to David Bayhan's wife, Carolyn, reports that Dave underwent surgery this morning, December 1, 2009, to treat a staphylococcus infection in his ankle. Dave's ankle was severely injured in a motorcycle accident many years ago, and he has undergone extensive surgery in the past. The ankle was stabilized until he had a knee replacement. The knee replacement required the removal of a surgical orthopaedic plate, which was providing stability to the ankle. This reignited problems with the ankle.

Dave is in Lakeland Regional Medical Center. He can use your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1959 Graduation Program In A PDF File

Jimmy Musso had a copy of our 1959 graduation program, which he hung on the bulletin board at Hugh's place during our Friday evening festivities.  Many classmates did not know it was there.  Jan Lyons, after the reunion, took possession of it, at least temporarily.  She made it available to us to be scanned into a portable document file (PDF).

This document answers a question that was asked many times during the reunion.  How many classmates actually graduated with our class on Monday, June 8, 1959?  The answer is 370.  Did you remember that Albert R. Liggett was our third and last principal?  Did you remember that Cornelia Anne Bryant was valedictorian?  Did you remember that George Talvin Coward was salutatorian?  Cornelia and George, can you produce copies of your respective speeches for posting on the class blog?

See the graduation program

Saturday, November 14, 2009

50th Reunion Slideshow, October 23, 24, and 25

This is a slideshow of photographs taken by me, Allan Davis, at the 50th reunion festivities.  I walked around shooting at random, so if I missed you, please forgive me.  Some were taken Friday, some were taken Saturday, and some were taken Sunday.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

50th Class Reunion Program For Saturday Evening, October 24, 2009

 I have made a PDF copy of our reunion program for Saturday evening, October 24, 2009, available on the link below.  We have had a couple of requests for this document.  Rather than getting into snail-mailing, we will afford classmates the opportunity to download it and print it for themselves.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bobby Surgeon Suffering From Squamous Cell Carcinoma

 Bobby is reportedly suffering from metastatic squamous cell carcinoma, which has spread from his legs into his throat.  The cancer apparently is encroaching upon his ascending aorta.  We wish Bobby a full recovery.  He has had surgery and is undergoing further treatment at Broward General Medical Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  The address is 1600 South Andrews Ave, 33316.  The phone number is 954-355-4400.

Maxie Benton Passes Away

Sadly, I must report that Maxie Benton has passed away from
complications following lung surgery. Our prayers and thoughts are
with Mary, his wife, and the rest of his family. The following link is to Maxie's obituary as published in The Ledger -

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Of Our Couples Have Been Married Over 50 Years

Both John & Helen (Perdicaris) Eady and Sonny and Bonita (Taylor) McKinsey have been married over 50 years.  John & Helen claim the record with 52 years of marital bliss as of June 8, 2009.  As of June 18, 2009, Sonny & Bonita had logged 50 years.  Congratulations to them both.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Maxie Benton Hospitalized In Intensive Care

Betty Jean Bettag, sister-in-law to Maxie Benton, has asked that we announce that Maxie is in Lakeland General Hospital in intensive care.  Maxie is suffering from complications following lung surgery.  Betty has asked that Maxie, his wife Mary, and the entire family be put on your prayer lists.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

50th Reunion Featured Door Prizes By Robert Harper & Roger Sherman

One featured door prize that will be given away at our 50th reunion is being donated by Robert Harper.  It is one of many paintings that Robert has rendered.  The name of the painting is My Paradise.  An Image of this painting is shown below.

The painting will be professionally framed; it will be a genuine first class treasure.  Please visit Robert Harper's website at Robert's Art Website and enjoy his many wonderful renderings.

Roger Sherman is donating all other door prizes.  He is preparing one limited-edition Reunion Book as a door prize.  The one-of-a-kind Reunion Book has some very special surprises, which Roger has not divulged, even to me.  The winner of this book will be asked to surrender his or her regular Reunion Book.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Your Complete Guide To 50th Reunion Activities and Agenda

The links below will take you to the same document (two formats) that was emailed to classmates.  This document should answer many questions that you may have.  These files are rather large; be patient.  You may wish to right-click on the links and choose "save as" to save them to your desktop before trying to open them.

PDF Link
Microsoft Word Link

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Olin Hill's Younger Brother, John Tyler, Passes Away

Olin Hill's younger brother, John Tyler Hill, has passed away in Ft. Myers, Florida at the age of 65.  Please visit the link below

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

George Clark's Wife, Coral, In Nursing Home

Ronnie (Hot Dog) Lewis reports that George Clark's wife, Coral, is in Wedgewood Nursing Home in Lakeland.  I do not know the nature of her illness.  George can be reached at (863) 858-5433.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Obituary For Arthur Wayne Beaman

 The Ledger has published the obituary for Wayne Beaman. The Orlando Sentinel has also published it. A Celebration of Life Memorial Service will be held Saturday, September 26, 2009 at 11:00 a.m. at the Collison Family Funeral Home, 3806 Howell branch Road, Winter Park.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Memorial Service For Wayne Beaman

The Memorial for Wayne will be Saturday, September 26th at 11:00 a.m.
PHONE:  407-678-4500

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wayne Beaman Has Passed Away

Joann, Wayne Beaman's wife, has advised us that Wayne passed away Saturday morning, September, 12, 2009, from an extended bout with pancreatic cancer.  Wayne was so hoping to attend the 50th class reunion; we will miss him greatly.  I am certain that the entire class offers condolences to Joann.

Details of the service will be posted once they are available.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Obituary of Samuel Edgar Watson

Edgar Watson, from the class of 1958 I believe, has passed away. He is the son of Dr. Samuel Edgar Watson, a Watson Clinic pioneer. Since Watson is such a prominent name in Lakeland, I think this passing is worthy of mention in our class blog. Samuel Edgar Watson Obituary

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jane McGauley Eskenazi 's Sister Passes Away

Jane McGauley Eskenazi reports that her older sister, Pat McGauley Boatwright, died of heart disease on August 19, 2009, at Lakeland Regional Medical Center. Jane, we are all thinking of you in your time of loss. The obituary, see link the below, contains very little additional information.

Pat McGauley Obituary

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Boy and His Dog

Attached is a picture of me with my dog, Rusty, who accompanied me almost everywhere. I even took Rusty to school on one occasion to Hazel Haley's class when we were doing presentations on "how to do something." My presentation was giving Rusty a bath and picking off the fleas. I remember George Coward demonstrating how to peel a grapefruit and wearing protective clothing with plastic apron and a face mask. I also remember Paul Schiff showed us how to play a clarinet. I remember this since Paul followed me and Rusty was still in the classroom and started howling like a coyote. I had to take him out of the room. The car in the picture is my red Pontiac Catalina convertible, which attracted cops like flies. I got 3 tickets within a year from the same policeman, officer Foster. During one vacation back in Lakeland from college, I came to a 4 way stop near LHS and on the other side of the stop was officer Foster. I got out of my car and waved him through. I was not going to let him give me a 4th ticket!! Bob Schwartz

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

50th Reunion Reservations & Remittance Received Log

The following links, one in Excel format and the other in portable document format (PDF), lead to a document that shows the classmates for whom we have received reunion reservations. The format has changed There are now three columns, one for Friday evening only, another for Friday and Saturday or Saturday only, and the final one is for book orders only. If your reservation appears in the Saturday column, your reunion book fee is included in Saturday evening's fee. Use this tool to double check us; however, remember that Jan Lyons has the only official record. If this blog is incorrect, I may have misinterpreted the information that Jan gave me.

Excel Format


In case you need a copy of the reunion letter and questionnaire, the link below will take you to a PDF copy of those documents. You may print this PDF document and use it.

Link to reunion letter and questionnaire

Friday, August 7, 2009

Childhood Sweethearts

These childhood sweethearts eventually, after many years, became Mr. & Mrs. Butch Moody.

Arlene Sheridan Jones Update - Reunion - Health Issues

Dear friends:

As you probably know, reunions are fun to me and I treasure them. I could not wait for our 50th and wouldn't miss it for anything. Then "this year" happened. My Dave had a small heart attack in Feb. but that was the beginning only.......they put him on a a med that we all thought caused her hemoglobin to a few weeks later he was rushed to the hospital and admitted with a hgb of 7 (normal is 12-16 for a man).

Even now it is only 10. He had 4 transfusions and tons of tests. They thought it was the medication so sent him home with nothing more but Iron to add to his list of meds. Then he began failing again and collapsed at home.........called 911 and same song and dance. This time they did a colonoscopy (they didn't' do one before because he had one recently and was to weak to go thru it). They found polyps and a leaking spot which they fixed. 4 more blood transfusions later he came home. In between all of this they made him aware of a 1-2 cm. spot on his lung that was found. He had Pet scan and then biopsy. Was cancer. He was unable to have surgery so they did radiation. He has COPD and is on oxygen. He is home and doing much better. We could not imagine going to FL for the reunion. We let Allan know.

Things are still up in the air about it. Neither of us are well at all. I think he could handle the reunion by then but the trip to Lakeland (we live in upstate SC near the NC border........closer to Brevard) would be quite a taxing event for him. We did it 18 months ago and it was hard on both of us then as my back doesn't do well to travel.

So I wanted to tell you all that the Reunion I so looked forward to, has become less and less important to me as priorities have changed tremendously. Our plans are to sell this retirement home we built 10 years ago and go back to Lakeland to be near our 2 children and 7 grandchildren. God knows our future.......

Arlene Sheridan Jones

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Butler Hendrix now lives in Haskell, OK, with his spouse Jean. Butler was originally in the LHS class of 1958. However, he was injured in the 1957 collapse of the skating rink roof, and he dropped back to the class of 1959. He did not finish with us, and I don't remember why. The Highlanders from 57 through 59 show no photos of Butler; however, the 58 Highlander has his name, with no page reference, in the index. Butler told me that he was in the hot-rod club with Dennis Fontaine, who became a multi-millionaire from his holdings in Discount Auto Parts, and then he died six months later of cancer.

Butler mentioned a brother, Jimmy Hendrix, who
before graduation, joined the Air Force with a friend under the Buddy Program.  I sort of remember the name, Jimmy Hendrix, but I have no face to go with the name.

Larry Hale Reports

Keeping busy with tennis. Working 2 days a week at the tennis courts, in the office. Working tennis tournaments all summer long, in the office, and as an umpire, when needed. 3 trips to Florida so far this year. 50th High School class (1959) reunion in Lakeland, FL in late Oct this year. Riding my Harley often as possible, officer (SGT AT ARMS) in our ALR (American Legion Rider) group, officer (VICE COMMANDER) in our American Legion Post 304 in Kennesaw. Have participated recently in PATRIOT GUARD ESCORT CEREMONIES, FOR OUR FALLEN SOLDIERS. Monthly meetings and several bike charity rides, mixing business and fun. Just trying to be giving something back to our veteran's families and their communities...

Just keeping busy, seems like busier now, than when I was working full time. The BIG difference is that, I keep busy doing what I want to do, not what the employer wants me to do. HAHAHA.

Also attending the Allstate Retirement quarterly group luncheons at selected locations around the county. Have seen Brenda Prince, Sandy Dyer, Gerald, Joyce Owens, Ginny Marchant, and a few others. Great group

Lar (TUG)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Consider Zohra's or The Antiquarian Restaurants During the Reunion

We, by chance, found Zohra's Restaurant on Lake Wire Drive. across from the old Lakeland Junior High School, now Lawton Chiles Academy. It offers a Meditteranean cuisine and an unhurried atmosphere. I am making this information available because I am thinking that some of you might like to use it for a Saturday lunch, for example.

Jane McGauley Eskenazi recommends the Antiquarian restaurant. Says Jane, "I also love The Antiquarian on Bay Street, which isn't very far from the old Junior High."

                     Link To Zohra's                      Link To Antiquarian Restauratn

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ferrin HIcks Hospitalized

Ferrin Hicks has reported that he is in Room B350B, Lakeland Regional Medical Center, with a heart attack and partial renal failure. He has been in for about three days. He has his cell phone with him, and the number is (863) 812-5783. He does not know how long he will be hospitalized, so he most likely will appreciate calls from classmates and friends.

We all wish Ferrin the best of luck in his recovery.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Travis Tate's Work On The Saturn Complex 37 Project

Around the year 1962, Travis worked for Frank M. Murphy and Associates, which was located about 2 miles north of Ft. Meade, Florida on US-17. This company was a subcontractor on the Saturn Complex 37 Project.

The structure seen in the photograph is the top section of the launch tower. It was built in four sections, each weighing 70 tons. Upon completion, this monster had to be transported by truck to Cape Canaveral, Florida. Travis reports that the truck driver had experienced 16 flat tires by the time he reached Bartow, which is nine miles to the north.

The colored photograph shows the Saturn Complex 37 as currently depicted on I added the banner.

The last photo is a cropped close-up of Travis.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Arlene Sheridan Jones Reports On The Health Of Her Husband, Dave

Arelene Sheridan Jones wishes to share with the class that her husband, David (Dave) Jones, is newly diagnosed with right upper lope lung Cancer. He also suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Because of the COPD, he is not a candidate for surgery. He will be treated with radiation. The cancer is very early stage, and the prognosis is good. Most certainly, Dave will beat his cancer, and we will see Arlene and him at our reunion.

Dave is a member of the LHS Class of 1957, although a technical error put him in the 1958 Highlander.

Arlene also reports that when Dave is again well, they will sell their home in Cleveland, SC, and they will move back home (Lakeland) to be near kids, family, and friends. Do you know any one who wants to buy in Cleveland, SC?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bonita Taylor McKinsey and Sonny McKinsey Celebrate 50 Years of Marriage

Today, June 18, 2009, Bonita Taylor McKinsey and Sonny McKinsey celebrate 50 years of marriage. They have 4 daughters, 1 son, 13 grandchildren, with 2 great grandchildren on the way. Congratulations to Bonita and Sonny.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

50th Reunion - Friday Evening - Lakeland HS Football Game

The following links are to two different formats of a survey concerning who might have an interest in attending the Lakeland Dreadnaught-Kissimme Kowboys football game after having some finger food and chatting with classmates at Hugh Turbeville's facility.

Excel Version

Portable Document (PDF) Version

Let Allan Davis know if you would like your name on this list.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ronnie Hot Dog Lewis Shares His Very Old Photographs

Ronnie Hot Dog Lewis has shared some of his very old photographs, which feature Ronnie, Bobby Harper, Dan Minerd, Shirley Scarborough, Dot Waring, Don Carter, and Ralph Gonzalez, as well as several non-classmates. Bill Johnson has been kind enough to enhance them for us. Please visit the link below.

These photos will be put on the scrapbook tab of the class website as well.

Friday, May 29, 2009

LHS Teacher, Mr. Harvey Flatt Passes Away

Harvey Flatt was a teacher at LHS and a three-year sponsor of the class of 1959. We were accustomed to seeing Mr. Flatt at our reunions, and we were going to invite him again. We will miss him this year.

Link To Obituary Of Harvey Flatt

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

50th Reunion Sunday Brunch - Cleveland Heights Golf & Country Club

The reunion planning committees are organizing an "off the agenda" brunch on Sunday, October 25, 2009. The location will be Cleveland Height Golf and Country. The cost of this brunch is not included in the published prices for the reunion. Attendees will pay the Cleveland Height Golf and Country Club that Sunday morning.

If you wish to attend, please send your intentions to Allan Davis at or Beatty Elliott at Snail-mail will also get the job done. We are using this list just to estimate the projected size of the crowd for planning purposes. This is not an official signup list. You may attend on that morning, whether or not you have your name on this list.

Link To Sunday Bruch Attendeed - Excel Format

Link To Sunday Bruch Attendeed - Portable Document (PDF) Format

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

50th Reunion Snail-Mail Letter and Questionnaire

This blog article contains a link to the reunion letter and questionnaire snail-mailed on May 12, 2009. You invited to print the questionnaire from the blog article and submit it. This may come in handy, especially if you misplace the letter and questionnaire.

Link To Reunion Letter & Questionnaire

Each of you can help minimize the workload on Roger Sherman by emailing to him the answers to the questions on the lower half of the questionnaire. It will much easier for him to cut and paste your text than to type your handwritten responses. Windows users may use Notepad, which is a part of the Windows Operating System, to prepare their answers in a text format. I am not a MAC user, but I believe TextEdit is used with a MAC, just as Notepad is used with Windows. When finished, attach the text document to an email and fire it off to Roger at I am sure that Roger would love it, if you email your answers in today or even yesterday. He has a great deal of work to do. NOTE: You will still need to snail-mail the upper half of the questionnaire back to us with your reservations and money.
Roger asks that, in an effort to identify and fight SPAM, you put LHS in the subject of any email that you send to him.  By doing so, you will make it easy for him to determine that you are not a sinister force.

The letter does not contain information about a Sunday brunch at Cleveland Heights Golf and Country Club because we are trying to keep Sunday informal and off of the agenda. However, for planning purposes, we'd like to know how many of you would plan to attend this brunch. Please email me, Allan Davis, at or Beatty Raymond at with your intentions.

The letter does contain one error. It indicates that October 24 is a Friday. Actually, October 23 is a Friday.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Passing of Al DeFoor, husband of Shirley Scarborough DeFoor

Sadly, we announce the passing of Al DeFoor, husband of classmate Shirley Scarborough DeFoor. For information on funeral arrangements, please use the link below to visit Al's obituary in The Ledger. The obituary does fail to mention that the visitation will be at 10:30, one hour before the funeral service.

Obituary, James Allison " Al" DeFoor

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jane Morris Bay - Update On Career As Author

Dear Friends,

I'm happy to announce that both my books, PRECIOUS JEWELS OF TIBET and LOVE & LOSS can now be purchased directly from my website, and within the very near future, LOVE & LOSS will be available on Kindle. That's right, the little computer book. I know you thought I'd never make it into the 21st century, but guess what, I'm a new woman and am embracing the new technology….. Just wanted you to know and hope you will spread the word to introduce my website to more people.

There's a new short story in the "Stories from the Road" section on the website that includes a photo from the Leesburg High School 50th Class Reunion that I attended in March with my childhood friends. The trip to North Carolina and Florida was an amazing journey, and I got all the information I need to go forward with the next chapter of GROWING UP SOUTHERN. I'm going into writing retreat for the Summer and will send the it to you in the near future.

Love to all,


LHS Class of 1959 Classmate Tommy Chancey Dies

Tommy Chancey has died. Below are links to the LHS Class of 1959 In Memoriam web page and to his obituary in The Ledger.

LHS Class of 1959 In Memoriam Web Page

Tommy Chancey's Obituary In The Ledger

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LHS Physics Teacher, Mr. Mac, Dies

Our 1959 LHS physics teacher, Mr. Mac, has died. His obituary can be found in the following link:

Francis Murray Mac Jr. - obituary

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Reverend & Mrs. Perry Ray Johnson Suffer Tragic Lose of Daughter, Becki Wilson

Reverend Perry Ray Johnson and his wife Jeannie report that on April 4, 2009, they tragically lost their daughter, Becki Wilson, to a massive and totally unexpected heart attack.

If you would like to offer support to Ray & Jeannie in this most difficult hour, contact information is:

828 Trailwood Ave
Titusville, FL 32796-2257
(321) 267-0898

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Harrison Payne Hospitalized - A Note From Marge Payne

Just a note to let all know that Harrison was admitted to the hospital this past Sunday. His heart rate was way out of control. Yesterday he was in surgery for about five hours. At first they did a cath and said he only has one artery that is working in his heart and that is about 20 percent blocked but not enough to put a stint in it. Then they went and did more ablation surgery, The doctor said that hopefully he was able to do enough to stop the fast heart rate but only time will tell. Harrison is in the CCU right now - not sure when they will move him out - if he does well probably in the next few days. Please keep him in your prayers.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

LHS Class of 1959 50th Reunion Hotel Arrangement/Deals

Hotel arrangements/deals have been made at the Terrace Hotel and, through joint cooperation of both hotels, at the Courtyard and Residence Inn, both Marriott hotels, and at the Suburban Extended Stay Hotel. You may view these arrangements/deals in either of the links below.
Microsoft Word Document Format Link

PDF Fomat Link

If you do not have the full Microsoft Word application software, but would like to view the information in Microsoft Word format, you may download the Microsoft Word 2003 Viewer, free of charge, at the following link.

Download Microsoft's Word 2003 Viewer

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rodney James Bring Home Gold In Tennis

Rodney James recently won seven medal in the Polk Senior Games. See the link below.

A Ledger Article

The Ledger is very short on details. However, I believe among his medals were a gold in men's doubles tennis and a gold in mixed doubles tennis. His men's doubles partner was Lex Taylor.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1959 Ladies Welcome Jane Morris Bay And Guests To Town

Some of the ladies from the LHS Class of 1959 welcomed Jane Bay, her sister, and guest to Lakeland. The party was hosted by Ihla Phillips Sloman and Shirley Scarborough DeFoor. The party was held on March 11, 2009 at Ihla's home.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Email Survey Results - Who Plans to Attend 50th Class Reunion?

An email survey was sent to approximately 140 Classmates with email address, asking if they plan to attend the 50th class reunion. The results of this survey are posted below in both Adobe portable document (PDF) and Excel formats. Please check to insure that your submission has been accurately recorded. Additionally, review the names of other classmates who expect to attend. GET EXCITED!!

Excel Format

Abode Portable Document (PDF) Format

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jane Morris Bay Shares Notes About Her North Carolina Trip

Kitty and I are going back to North Carolina on Saturday, March 7 for one more visit with our cousins to wrap up the research for the next chapter of GROWING UP SOUTHERN - Stories from the Attic of Childhood Memories.  This chapter/short story will be about our Mother.  Below are some notes I made last April during the Morris Girls Road Trip that I wanted to share you on the eve of our upcoming journey to the South.  These notes will be part of the next chapter, with a new twist.

"The dogwood and azaleas were in full bloom when we arrived in North Carolina.  It's rained like cats and dogs every day, but we've spent most of our time sitting around the dinner table, eating good homegrown food and talking with cousins about our family history.  Went over to Kenly yesterday to the house that Uncle Elton and Aunt Gladys lived in where Mother lost her high school ring a few days after graduating in 1932.  Mother was throwing out food scraps onto the compost pile and her ring, a little too big, flew off her finger and disappeared into the compost.  

Mother had been very upset about the loss of her 14 carat gold ring studded with a multifaceted oval shaped ruby. I remember her telling this story when we were children every time we went to visit Uncle Elton and Aunt Gladys who kept a vegetable garden year round until after Aunt Gladys died.

Fifty years later when the current owner of the house was rototilling the garden, he noticed a red stone (ruby) sparkling in the soil that had been turned over and, low and behold, it was Mother's ring.  His wife found the initials IBN (Ina Blanche Neighbor) inscribed inside on the band of the ring.  She called Benson High School in an effort to locate the owner, and the local newspaper wrote up a story about the long lost ring.  Someone sent the article to Mother in Florida, and shortly thereafter, she went to her 50th High School Class Reunion and was reunited with her ring.  I'm wearing the ring on a gold chain around my neck while we're here in North Carolina in memory of our dear sweet mother."

Mother was indescribably happy to have her High School Graduation ring, and enjoyed telling the story of it's recovery for over twenty year.

As you may remember, there was magic in the air during last years trip to North Carolina, Georgia and Florida, and the two recent short stories I sent you, which have been revised, rewritten and embellished, are now up on the website with wonderful photographs in the "Stories from the Road" section.  "SynchroDestiny" is the story about my being reunited with Martha Jean Webster (Miller), my best childhood friend from the age of three until I left Leesburg when I was twelve years old.  

As its turned out, I've been invited by my childhood friends from Kindergarten through the Fifth Grade to come as an honorary member to their 50th Leesburg High School Class Reunion on Friday and Saturday, March 13-14.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it.  Several of my friends from Lakeland, where I actually graduated from high school, are also having a luncheon in my honor while I'm in Florida.  One of my best high school girlfriends, who was the Captain of our cheerleading squad, is actually coming in from Texas for the get together because she won't be able to attend the 50th Lakeland High School Class Reunion in October.  Of course, I'll be there for that one, too.

There's something karmicly delicious about this journey, with Mother's ring and her 50th high school class reunion, and both my 50th high school class reunions, so off I go with her ring on a gold chain around my neck and an open heart full of love and gratitude for all life's blessing, big and small.  Life is good even in these hard and troubling times we're going through right now.

Oh, and, one more thing, yesterday I got a copy of my portrait for the 2008 Lucasfilm Yearbook which is attached. 

Love ya'll.  Bye bye....  Jane  

Monday, March 2, 2009

LHS Class of 1959 50th Reunion Athletic Activities

Below are links to the roster of classmates that have expressed an interest in golf, tennis, or both. The rosters are posted below in both Microsoft Excel and Adobe Portable Document (PDF) formats.

Let us know if you find any inaccuracies in the roster.

Link to Microsoft Excel Format

Link to Adobe Portable Document Format

Thursday, February 26, 2009

LHS Class of 1959 Fiftieth Reunion Planning Meeting Minutes, February 26, 2009

On February 26, 2009, local class members met to further the planning of the fiftieth reunion of the LHS Class of 1959. The minutes of this meeting are posted below in Microsoft Word and Adobe portable document formats.

Link to Microsoft Word Format

Link to Adobe Portable Document Format

Another document that may be useful and interesting contains a list of the various committee members. It is posted below in Microsoft Word and Adobe portable document formats.

Link to Microsoft Word Format

Link to Adobe Portable Document Format

Sunday, January 25, 2009

We Have Heard From Jane Morris Bay

Jane Morris Bay has contacted me, and she told me that she will continue to write what she calls Stories From The Road, and she will publish them on her website. She currently has six stories posted. Please visit the link below, if you wish to read these stories. While visiting this link, please feel free to explore other portions of her website.

Stories From The Road

Jane has published two other books, which are highlighted in the following link.

Jane's Books

Back on November 30, 2008, I published in this blog a complete story about Jane, as I knew it.. You may wish to revisit blog entry; the link directly to it is below.

First blog entry on Jane Morris Bay