Monday, September 27, 2010

Announcing A New Doctor in Town - Mary Nelle James

Dr. Mary Nelle James
The Palmer College of Chiropractic Medicine (Palmer Chiropractic College, Florida Campus), has conferred upon Mary Nelle James the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine.  She is the daughter of Rodney and Mollie (Sloan) James.  Dr James is entering practice in the office of Dr. Chris W. Cheatwood, D. C. (Dr. Chris Cheatwood), located at 737 South Missouri Avenue, Lakeland, FL 33815-4737.  The phone number is 863-680-1064, and the fax number is 863-680-1734.  The email address for the office is 

Dr. James also holds a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Clemson University.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lewis Rice Weighs In

Shirley & I just got back from Hawaii then Vegas to see my mother. In November my brother (Ed) & I are going to have a birthday party for her (90th). Would any of the classmates like to have a good reason to visit Vegas in the next 2 months?  The party will be low key at the mobile home park where she has lived for the past 22 years. Mother is still living on her own & doing very well. 

We may be able to be at Mary's in October’. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again.  Also, I do believe Ed has contacted Kay Fields that he plans to attend their 50th next spring. I know the Rice brothers will be there. It will be a great get together for us also.

If anyone wants to go to Vegas around the 5th of November (Friday), e-mail me at or call me 386-767-2142 for details.

GO class of 59.

Lew (Lewie) Rice

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coach Jim Miller Recovering From Stroke

Dear All,

You have all been so helpful and such an important part of Jim's recovery.  Your notes, cards and good wishes via e-mail and phone calls are the best medicine, BELIEVE IT!  Jim's progress is amazing.  He is regaining balance (good for golf!) and walks with/without a cane on even and uneven ground.  Speech and mental exercises are nearly perfect. A CAT scan is scheduled for the 23rd (probably read a week later) and if that is good, he will be driving the car and the golf ball.
Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Love, Donna Miller

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Don & Pat Carter Share Family News

LHS, Class of '59 Members:

We would love to share some good news with our friends from LHS.  Don and I will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary on November 6th. in Orlando.  And "they" said it would never last.  Thanks to lots of luck, patience, love, humor and a great family, we'll be celebrating with bells on.

In May, our daughter, Kim Carter-Williams, received her Masters degree from UCF and is now employed there as a Mental Health Counselor.  Our daughter-in-law, Dore Carter, has recently become an Associate Registrar at UCF.  UCF is now the third, or fourth, depending on who's counting, largest university in the United States.

And of course, we have four beautiful granddaughters.  Kayli, is a senior in high school and is an aspiring actor.  She was awarded "Best of Show" in competition for her "contrasting dialogue", the first person so honored at her school.  Her three year old sister, Ember, debuted at Hagerty High's presentation of "Seussical the Musical".  She brought down the house when she "hatched" from the egg that Horton had been nursemaiding.  Haven's volleyball team won their championship and Shay's bearded dragons produced four little beardies on their first endeavor.  She also has Ruby, the corn snake and several other critters. (Takes after her Uncle Paul).

Let the good times roll.  Go Dreadnaughts.  Go Knights.
Don and Pat Carter

Larry Hale Shares Lighthearted, Fun Photos

Larry Hale has sent along some photos that are lighthearted and show him and his chief of staff having fun.  He marched as a color guard in the Labor Day Parade in Acworth, Georgia.  He included photos of the Harley that he is selling or has sold and a new Sportster that he has his eye on.  Two other photos show Larry and his chief of Staff in his Mustang convertible and enjoying a cool one at a Harley dealership at the end of a charity bike ride.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Linda Wrenn Honeycutt Has Good News About Her Grandson

I have good news.  My Grandson Andrew attended Boys State in Tallahassee this summer.  He was one of the 5 boys out of over 500 to receive a four year scholarship for college.  He will be attending Tallahassee Community for his first two years and then transferring over to Florida State University for his remaining 2 years.  He will begin in the fall of 2011.  He will graduate in May of 2011 from Lakeland Christian School.  I am so proud of him he has worked so hard during his school years.

Linda Honeycutt

Helen (Perdicaris) Eady & Husband, John, Share Information About Their Progeny

We have 11 grandchildren with the twelveth one on the way, a girl. Our oldest grandchild just graduated from South Florida University. All our children and grandchildren are wonderful.  

Life is good.
John and Helen Eady

Roger Sherman Shares Some Light And Happy News

I just got back from St. Augustine where I attended the dedication of the Museum of the Mission Madre de Dios.  Lovely reception, reinactments of the founding of the City.  Chatted with the Bishop and others.  I was the guest of Guglielmo & Associates, Museum designers, with whom I consult, and whose head is a dear friend, Deborah Guglielmo.  We went up on Friday and came home Sunday.

and, the sunroom at Apsley is now sporting a new wood floor, and the columns on the front have been re placed with round Tuscan style columns on short plinths.  Since Mary has pretty much sewn p 2010, maybe the troops can come up next year.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Patricia Bell Long Passes Away

Pat Bell has passed away from cancer.  The link to her obituary is Patricia Bell Long's ObituaryPat's photo has been added to our class In Memoriam page on the class website.  The link is Class In Memoriam Page