Monday, August 24, 2009

Obituary of Samuel Edgar Watson

Edgar Watson, from the class of 1958 I believe, has passed away. He is the son of Dr. Samuel Edgar Watson, a Watson Clinic pioneer. Since Watson is such a prominent name in Lakeland, I think this passing is worthy of mention in our class blog. Samuel Edgar Watson Obituary

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jane McGauley Eskenazi 's Sister Passes Away

Jane McGauley Eskenazi reports that her older sister, Pat McGauley Boatwright, died of heart disease on August 19, 2009, at Lakeland Regional Medical Center. Jane, we are all thinking of you in your time of loss. The obituary, see link the below, contains very little additional information.

Pat McGauley Obituary

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Boy and His Dog

Attached is a picture of me with my dog, Rusty, who accompanied me almost everywhere. I even took Rusty to school on one occasion to Hazel Haley's class when we were doing presentations on "how to do something." My presentation was giving Rusty a bath and picking off the fleas. I remember George Coward demonstrating how to peel a grapefruit and wearing protective clothing with plastic apron and a face mask. I also remember Paul Schiff showed us how to play a clarinet. I remember this since Paul followed me and Rusty was still in the classroom and started howling like a coyote. I had to take him out of the room. The car in the picture is my red Pontiac Catalina convertible, which attracted cops like flies. I got 3 tickets within a year from the same policeman, officer Foster. During one vacation back in Lakeland from college, I came to a 4 way stop near LHS and on the other side of the stop was officer Foster. I got out of my car and waved him through. I was not going to let him give me a 4th ticket!! Bob Schwartz

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

50th Reunion Reservations & Remittance Received Log

The following links, one in Excel format and the other in portable document format (PDF), lead to a document that shows the classmates for whom we have received reunion reservations. The format has changed There are now three columns, one for Friday evening only, another for Friday and Saturday or Saturday only, and the final one is for book orders only. If your reservation appears in the Saturday column, your reunion book fee is included in Saturday evening's fee. Use this tool to double check us; however, remember that Jan Lyons has the only official record. If this blog is incorrect, I may have misinterpreted the information that Jan gave me.

Excel Format


In case you need a copy of the reunion letter and questionnaire, the link below will take you to a PDF copy of those documents. You may print this PDF document and use it.

Link to reunion letter and questionnaire

Friday, August 7, 2009

Childhood Sweethearts

These childhood sweethearts eventually, after many years, became Mr. & Mrs. Butch Moody.

Arlene Sheridan Jones Update - Reunion - Health Issues

Dear friends:

As you probably know, reunions are fun to me and I treasure them. I could not wait for our 50th and wouldn't miss it for anything. Then "this year" happened. My Dave had a small heart attack in Feb. but that was the beginning only.......they put him on a a med that we all thought caused her hemoglobin to a few weeks later he was rushed to the hospital and admitted with a hgb of 7 (normal is 12-16 for a man).

Even now it is only 10. He had 4 transfusions and tons of tests. They thought it was the medication so sent him home with nothing more but Iron to add to his list of meds. Then he began failing again and collapsed at home.........called 911 and same song and dance. This time they did a colonoscopy (they didn't' do one before because he had one recently and was to weak to go thru it). They found polyps and a leaking spot which they fixed. 4 more blood transfusions later he came home. In between all of this they made him aware of a 1-2 cm. spot on his lung that was found. He had Pet scan and then biopsy. Was cancer. He was unable to have surgery so they did radiation. He has COPD and is on oxygen. He is home and doing much better. We could not imagine going to FL for the reunion. We let Allan know.

Things are still up in the air about it. Neither of us are well at all. I think he could handle the reunion by then but the trip to Lakeland (we live in upstate SC near the NC border........closer to Brevard) would be quite a taxing event for him. We did it 18 months ago and it was hard on both of us then as my back doesn't do well to travel.

So I wanted to tell you all that the Reunion I so looked forward to, has become less and less important to me as priorities have changed tremendously. Our plans are to sell this retirement home we built 10 years ago and go back to Lakeland to be near our 2 children and 7 grandchildren. God knows our future.......

Arlene Sheridan Jones