Saturday, July 18, 2009

Butler Hendrix now lives in Haskell, OK, with his spouse Jean. Butler was originally in the LHS class of 1958. However, he was injured in the 1957 collapse of the skating rink roof, and he dropped back to the class of 1959. He did not finish with us, and I don't remember why. The Highlanders from 57 through 59 show no photos of Butler; however, the 58 Highlander has his name, with no page reference, in the index. Butler told me that he was in the hot-rod club with Dennis Fontaine, who became a multi-millionaire from his holdings in Discount Auto Parts, and then he died six months later of cancer.

Butler mentioned a brother, Jimmy Hendrix, who
before graduation, joined the Air Force with a friend under the Buddy Program.  I sort of remember the name, Jimmy Hendrix, but I have no face to go with the name.

Larry Hale Reports

Keeping busy with tennis. Working 2 days a week at the tennis courts, in the office. Working tennis tournaments all summer long, in the office, and as an umpire, when needed. 3 trips to Florida so far this year. 50th High School class (1959) reunion in Lakeland, FL in late Oct this year. Riding my Harley often as possible, officer (SGT AT ARMS) in our ALR (American Legion Rider) group, officer (VICE COMMANDER) in our American Legion Post 304 in Kennesaw. Have participated recently in PATRIOT GUARD ESCORT CEREMONIES, FOR OUR FALLEN SOLDIERS. Monthly meetings and several bike charity rides, mixing business and fun. Just trying to be giving something back to our veteran's families and their communities...

Just keeping busy, seems like busier now, than when I was working full time. The BIG difference is that, I keep busy doing what I want to do, not what the employer wants me to do. HAHAHA.

Also attending the Allstate Retirement quarterly group luncheons at selected locations around the county. Have seen Brenda Prince, Sandy Dyer, Gerald, Joyce Owens, Ginny Marchant, and a few others. Great group

Lar (TUG)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Consider Zohra's or The Antiquarian Restaurants During the Reunion

We, by chance, found Zohra's Restaurant on Lake Wire Drive. across from the old Lakeland Junior High School, now Lawton Chiles Academy. It offers a Meditteranean cuisine and an unhurried atmosphere. I am making this information available because I am thinking that some of you might like to use it for a Saturday lunch, for example.

Jane McGauley Eskenazi recommends the Antiquarian restaurant. Says Jane, "I also love The Antiquarian on Bay Street, which isn't very far from the old Junior High."

                     Link To Zohra's                      Link To Antiquarian Restauratn

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ferrin HIcks Hospitalized

Ferrin Hicks has reported that he is in Room B350B, Lakeland Regional Medical Center, with a heart attack and partial renal failure. He has been in for about three days. He has his cell phone with him, and the number is (863) 812-5783. He does not know how long he will be hospitalized, so he most likely will appreciate calls from classmates and friends.

We all wish Ferrin the best of luck in his recovery.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Travis Tate's Work On The Saturn Complex 37 Project

Around the year 1962, Travis worked for Frank M. Murphy and Associates, which was located about 2 miles north of Ft. Meade, Florida on US-17. This company was a subcontractor on the Saturn Complex 37 Project.

The structure seen in the photograph is the top section of the launch tower. It was built in four sections, each weighing 70 tons. Upon completion, this monster had to be transported by truck to Cape Canaveral, Florida. Travis reports that the truck driver had experienced 16 flat tires by the time he reached Bartow, which is nine miles to the north.

The colored photograph shows the Saturn Complex 37 as currently depicted on I added the banner.

The last photo is a cropped close-up of Travis.