Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1959 Class Party At - October 16, 2010 - Celebration Of Life - Ferrin Hicks

As noted in another blog article, Ferrin Hicks brought to this party a celebration of life, a celebration that those present have made it this far in life.  Many of our classmates and spouses have not been so lucky.  Ferrin's sister, Peggy Dominey, bought this cake for Ferrin's celebration.  The two photographs on the cake are edible, thanks to Publix Super Markets.

Ferrin brought some high-end karaoke equipment to the party; however, a technical glich with a digital TV prevented this part of the celebration from proceeding.  Our thanks goes to Ferrin for the good old college try.

Owen Buddy Loadholtes Engaged To Be Married

Buddy Loadholtes, at our class party on October 16, 2010, announced his engagement to Tori McGinnis.  Buddy had proposed and Tori had accepted earlier that very morning.  Both were beaming with joy at the party.  The class of 1959 wishes much happiness for Buddy and Tori.

1959 Class Party At - October 16, 2010

Thirty-nine persons were in attendance at the class party, 25 of whom were classmates.  Here is a link to the attendees - Party Attendance Sheet.  This party was significant in two ways. 

Ferrin Hicks brought to the party a celebration of life, a celebration of thanks that we have made it this far.  His sister, Peggy Dominey, bought for the party a beautifully decorated cake.  You will see a picture of it in the slide show.

Owen Buddy Loadholtes, AKA Elvis, announced his hours-old engagement to Tori McGinnis.  They plan to marry in April of 2011.  Buddy looks extremely healthy and happy, and his bride-to-be looks and seems thrilled.  Tori is a long-time friend of Buddy's sister, Lonalee Thompson.

Enjoy the slideshow, and remember that the class Christmas party is on December 11, 2010.