Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another Update on Helen Perdicaris Eady in Her Husband's Own Words

Helen has now been in the hospital 25 days and has progressed wonderfully. She has received all the required shots to promote white cell growth. Her white blood cell count is good. She is still on an IV which is to help flush out the Chemo in her system. Her Kidney's were of concern, however her test has improved and they think it was due to all the medication she was on.Helen has now lost her hair and looks beautiful in head wear.

She is still on anti-biotics and is weak. Her appitite has improved and she looks better every day. She is scheduled for another Bone Marrow Byopsy tommorow {Monday) and if her test come back favorable she may be able to come home. What a blessing that would be!!! She is ready to see the outdoors and enjoy some sunshine and scenery other than the hospital room.  I hope my next update will include her being home and on her way to recovery.

We still need your prayers.

God bless you all.


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