Thursday, October 3, 2013

Class Party at Mary Futch's Home, September 28, 2013

Below is a slide show of the party (speakers on - there is background music).  Some attendees do not show up in these photos.  I have some video, which I will work on as time permits.

The first slide shows tables of food.  The second shows Lew Rice, his wife Shirley, Charlie Page, and a partial of Roger Kenny, Roger Sherman's friend.  The third shows all of Roger Kenny, Roger Sherman, Shirley Rice, Charlie Page, and others beyond.  The fourth shows Sue Moody, Alice Musso, and Jimmy Musso.  The fifth shows Jimmy Musso, James Edwards, and others beyond.  The sixth shows Betty Toy and Annette Davis.  The seventh shows Barbara Graddy and Jane McGauley Eskenazi.  The eighth shows Barbara Graddy.  The ninth shows Ralph Waller, Jim Malone, Allan Davis, Bill Johnson, and Carolyn Bayhan.  The tenth shows Ralph Waller and Jim Malone.  The eleventh shows Betty Toy.  The twelfth shows Roger Sherman, the back of Annette Davis's head, Dave Bayhan, and James Edwards.  The thirteenth shows the back of Mary Futch's head, Bill Johnson, Bobby Anderson, and Barbara Graddy in the distance.  The fourteenth is Allan and Annette Davis

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