Sunday, March 31, 2013

Roger Carlton Sherman Costars with William Shatner and Ruth Roman in the Movie - IMPULSE

Roger Carlton Sherman
In Roger's own words.

The 1974 Movie - IMPULSE

I found the first major film, Impulse (Link) , in which I costarred with William Shatner (Link) and Ruth_Roman (Link). Both Bill and Ruth visited in my home and I visited Bill in CA the next year. Here is the movie "Impulse" and if you want to see the 'walk-on' they gave me, it's at the dinner party about minute 27. Plus in the credits, there I am listed as the Art Director. You can see the portrait of the Duke of Wellington hanging over the mantle in Ruths 'home', the same one hanging here today!! I stayed with Jennifer Bishop when I visited Hollywood.

Those were the days.

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