Tuesday, March 26, 2013

USAF Staff Sgt. Nicholas Gibson, Son of Jean & Gordon Gibson

I just want to thank you for supporting Nick in his Everest expedition. He will be sending individual emails when he returns, but in the meantime, if you want to follow their progress, you can go to USAF 7 Summits and click on blogs and then click on voice updates. I'll see if I can attach a nice article that was in our newspaper last week (not sure I know how). They leave from Denver this Friday and start climbing right away. 

 You may refresh your memories and learn more about this endeavor at this link - Staff Sgt. Nicholas Gibson Headed to Top of the World.

Please pray.

Jean & Gordon Gibson

1 comment:

  1. Jean
    I will keep Nick and the others in my prayers. Anxious to hear about their progress. Keep us posted.
    Barbara (Green) Frye


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