Friday, July 5, 2013

Latest update: Awesome News! Helen Perdicaris Eady remains in remission

Joyous news today! Mom’s leukemia remains in remission and clear of cancer!

She was supposed to get the news on Monday July 9th at her scheduled doctor appmt then (2nd marrow biopsy following the initial chemo phase to see if the cancer has stayed gone, and a more telling indicator than the first encouraging test) but Dr. Vugman caught her at the clinic this morning when she had to show up for blood work and decided not to delay the good news of biopsy report any further and also not waiting for today’s blood work results confident that those should also reveal good result. The doctor was tickled to tell her and Dad.

Now she doesn’t have to go through another 30 days in the hospital. Instead on course with best prognosis, she will start just 7 days in the hospital for 3 chemo treatments to polish off anything that might be left.
She doesn’t have to go for the Monday office visit. Just show up for hospital admission on Tuesday for shorter follow-up chemo. The doctor already has set up arrangements for her to be admitted to Moffit in Tampa and get set-up with plans for a bone marrow transplant.

Mom suddenly became very tired yesterday and her feet continue to swell. Appetite is OK. Too overjoyed to even tell the doctor about those things today with the good news. This was after her mammogram on Wednesday showed no breast cancer (last week a knot suddenly appeared on her chest) and this had been an additional worry.

Spirits very high. We are overjoyed and thankful to the Lord for this wonderful news. The best report we could have at this time. Mom is very encouraged to move on with the fight next week and continuing with high hopes. Mom said OK to tell everybody.

Praise the Lord!!!!

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