Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finally, Some Good News From Judy Weeks Solger

In Judy's own words:
"I think our class blog is in need of some upbeat news and maybe I can start it off.
Judith Weeks Solger, married to the same wonderful man, David, for almost 52 years. No serious health problems. Small but wonderful family. Dave and I are retired, son Brian is a long time teacher at Marianna High School, daughter-in-law Sandy has her own interior scape business working in Holmes, Jackson and Washington counties and two very talented grand kids. Grandson Ethan will graduate from the U of F, College of Health and Human Performance, on May 5. He has accepted a two year graduate assistanship at the University of Nebraska and will work with the Nebraska football team as an Athletic Trainer. Granddaughter Erin is finishing her freshman year at Chipola College on a softball scholarship. Chipola is competing this weekend in Pensacola for state JUCO title. She plans on pursuing a career in prosthesis development.
I just want to wish everyone well and hope some of you have been as fortunate as I have." Judy

1 comment:

  1. Wow go Judy: Sounds like life is good up in the panhandle. Couldn't happen to a nicer girl(I guess it is more appropriate to say Lady). Good luck in the future. Rodney James


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