Friday, April 27, 2012

Charlyne Steele Updates Jerry's Condition

Hi our dear friends,

WE ARE HOME!!!!! Three days in the CDU was about three days too long for both of us! We will go back Monday for a CT of Jerry's heart. Then, Thursday, we have an appointment with the surgeon in Atlanta for a consultation and we'll schedule surgery, at that time. This surgeon did my brother's triple by-pass a couple years ago and is very good. Surgery will be performed at Emory-Crawford Long Hospital, downtown Atlanta.

The heart cath confirmed the findings of the echocardiogram; the aortic valve is not working and there is an aneurysm there. Our cardiologist said the surgery didn't have to be performed today or tomorrow but it must be done soon. Jerry is quite perturbed that he has been so cautious to exercise, eat properly and take good care of his body - and now this! The doctors keep reminding him, had he not done that, "things" could be much worse!

We appreciate all the calls, emails, texts and, most especially, prayers! We have always known we have wonderful friends and you are proving it, once again! Please, continue to keep Jerry in your prayers and I will update, when surgery is scheduled.

With love,


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